Happy Endings

For those animals unfortunate to be caught in the research industry, there is very rarely a happy ending. If the experiments they are subjected to don’t kill them, then they are often “disposed of” by a lethal dose of barbiturate.

We have therefore put together the following accounts of the few exceptions, to offer some glimmer of hope that some individuals do defy the odds and actually find a happy ending.

Leo the Ex Lab Cat The beautiful Veronica Lake LaTrobe Lambs - saved from imminent death

"Opportunities to rehome animals should be considered wherever possible, especially when the impact of the project or activity on the wellbeing of the animal has been minimal and their physiological condition and behavioural attributes indicate that they can be introduced to a new environment with minimal, transient impact on their wellbeing."
Excerpt from Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes. (Page 67, Clause 3.4.2)

HRA is honoured to be associated with Beagle Freedom Australia a network of groups and individuals who offer rehabilitation and sanctuary to ex-laboratory animals. If you think you could offer a permanent home to an ex-lab animal, Please email your details (which state you live in and what animals you are interested in rehoming) so we can add you to our database and we will pass on your contact details should any opportunities arise.     

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