The Beautiful Veronica Lake

We’d like to introduce you to a very special lady.
Her name is Veronica Lake and she’s an ex-lab chicken.

Veronica came from the RSPCA who is unable to provide any further information about her background other than “she had been used for research and was in a bad state when she arrived.”

Her new home was at Hogwatch Farm Sanctuary, Gippsland.  

When she first arrived at Hogwatch, with her colleague Alice Chook (who sadly passed away) she was enclosed in a run, with a house, inside the main run yard. They were completely overwhelmed by their newfound freedom, possibly never having been outside before. They walked carefully and slowly and after about ten days they were released into the main run, with the option to withdraw into their own space should they feel the need to. It took about another week for Alice to come out and free range with the main group.

She adapted quicker than Veronica Lake. Veronica walked around in a zombie-like state for another two weeks. Eventually she joined the brood.

She is a bossy girl now - still elegant, but braver now having made the transition into her brave new world.

[As told by Veronica’s guardian Janette]

Click here to see Veronica at Hogwatch.

[Sadly, Veronica has since passed on from this world. We can be grateful to Janette and Hogwatch Sanctuary for giving her a second chance and can be assured that her life – after her rescue – was filled with love and companionship and all things that chickens enjoy.]


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