Suggestions on Writing Letters About Humane Education

Sample Letter to teacher/lecturer

Name of Teacher/Lecturer

Department Name
School/University Name


Dear ______,

I am currently a student in Yr <Insert number> <Insert subject>.  I have just been made aware that I will be required to participate in <insert experiment eg the dissection of a rat>.  I will be unable to participate because of my consciously held beliefs regarding animals.

I would therefore request that I am provided with an alternative that will not involve direct or indirect participation of dissection of any animal that has been killed for the purpose dissection in schools or an abattoir.

I am more than willing to discuss alternatives and collaborate in this manner.

I would appreciate to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

<Insert Name>

Letter to editor of a paper

A letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine is an effective way of reaching a lot of people with your message.  You may want to write in response to an article on dissection that already appeared, or you may want to raise the issue. Either way, there is power in the pen and you should use it.

Keep your letter focused.  Some important points to make:

  • Every year in Australia , thousands of animals are killed for school, college and university courses such a general biology, anatomy, physiology, agriculture ad psychology.  Rats, mice, cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, toads, frogs and fish are amongst the most commonly used.
  • Animals often suffer inhumane treatment during capture, transport, housing and killing for dissection
  • Published studies show that dissection alternatives are as good or better for learning than are dissection and other invasive animal-based classroom exercises
  • Educational curricula should foster compassion for life; dissection encourages devaluation of animal life
  • Relate a personal experience, it will make the story more interesting
  • Educational policies suggest students should be offered alternatives

As a student, your own school paper is an obvious choice.  Local papers are much more likely to print your letters than larger city papers.

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