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  • Slaughter of the Innocent Book

    Hans Ruesch’s Slaughter of the Innocent is one of the original books that laid the foundations for the modern anti-vivisection movement, with it’s uncompromising demand for a complete end to vivisection and the fraudulent scientific arguments which underlie it.

    “Born of a rare blend of high intelligence, sound but unstuffy scholarship, a strong capacity for pity and empathy, allied to a striking literary skill. Slaughter of the Innocent constitutes the 20th century’s single most powerful indictment of ‘vivisection’ – the experimentation with and upon animals” – Dr Tony Page

    “Hans Ruesch’s magnificent book washes away the thin excuses of doctor-apologists for animal testing. Comprehensively and carefully documented, objective, yet emotionally compelling.” – Dr Robert Mendelsohn

    2003 edition, 449 pages including index. Price includes postage.

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    Slaughter of the Innocent Book

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