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  • They All Had Eyes

    This book, They all had eyes: confessions of a vivisectionist, by Michael Slusher is the first of its kind in exposing the biomedical industry from an inside perspective.

    Most people have no idea, and indeed prefer not to know, how biomedical and pharmaceutical research is carried out.  However ignorance is no excuse.   

    In this rare insight, the author re-tells his experiences as a vivisectionist in the pharmaceutical research industry, chronicling the animals he worked on - from mice and dogs to monkeys. 

    The memories of these procedures that he was required to undertake as part of his job continue to haunt him but documenting what he had to do sheds light on atrocious practices which we know to be unethical and unnecessary.    

    He pulls no punches in this book and whilst it is a challenging read, it is an important book for anyone to understand exactly what happens in the animal laboratory and why it is so important to campaign for its end.

    208 pages; Published 2016

    Dimensions:   145 x 224 x 12.7 mm

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    They All Had Eyes

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