5 easy ways to help end animal experiments

You oppose animal experiments but what can you really do about it?

  1. Share social media posts. Follow Humane Research Australia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share posts to help raise awareness of this hidden industry. Opinion polls have shown that many people are not even aware that animal experiments even occur in Australia. Awareness is increasing however, and you can help spread the word.

  2. If you donate, or leave a bequest, to a health charity, be aware that your kind contribution might be used for research which involves animals. Visit Humane Charities to learn which health charities you can safely donate to without supporting animal experiments. Alternatively, when you make your donation, stipulate that you do not want it to go towards animal experiments. This helps get the message across to health charities that their donors are concerned about animal use.

  3. When purchasing cosmetics or household products, ensure you are not paying companies which still test on animals. Unfortunately a ban on cosmetics testing has STILL not been enforced in many countries – including Australia. Check the Choose Cruelty Free list to see those products which are genuinely cruelty-free.

  4. Superannuation – not something that many consider when it comes to animal experiments, but many super funds invest in bio-tech companies which conduct animal experiments. We think there is little point in speaking out against animal experiments when at the same time investing in its continuation. You can switch to a fund which has a policy of not investing in these companies (such as Cruelty Free Super), or else you could specify to your own fund that you wish to avoid those products.

  5. Humane Research Australia has an email list to which you can subscribe. We send out action items on specific issues where we need your support – such as case studies where you can sign pre-written emails addressed to institutions that use animals, or to sign petitions.

These are just a few simple examples of actions we can all take to help bring an end to a practice that is not only cruel and unethical, but scientifically flawed and leads to millions of dollars being wasted.

Will you do your bit?

Every drop in the ocean counts” ~ Yoko Ono

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