Andrew Knight Speaking Tour - The costs and benefits of animal experiments

In February 2013, Humane Research Australia, together with Anti Vivisection Union of South Australia, proudly sponsored an Australian speaking tour by Dr Andrew Knight. The tour was also supported by The Cruelty Free Shop.


Dr Knight toured six Australian capitals speaking on humane teaching methods in biomedical education, and the themes of his recent book on animal experiments and alternatives. He gave a total of 12 presentations in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Hobart, including presentations at the University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science at Gatton, Murdoch University in Perth, the University of Sydney, and the University of Tasmania, with additional, less formal presentations at public dinners in most cities.

Audiences varied from 30 to just over 100 (in Melbourne). Most were around 30-50. All presentations went very well indeed. There were often key people present, including Vice-Deans and chairs of animal ethics committees. He also did 3 media interviews with radio stations. One can be heard at (RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, 18/2/2013).

The costs and  benefits of animal experiments has received critical acclaim by scientists and philosophers and is highly recommended reading for anyone involved in, or with an interest in, the use of animals in research.


Few ethical issues create as much controversy as invasive experiments on animals. Some scientists claim they are essential for combating major human diseases, or detecting human toxins. Others claim the contrary, backed by thousands of patients harmed by pharmaceuticals developed using animal tests. Some claim all experiments are conducted humanely, to high scientific standards. Yet a wealth of studies has recently revealed that laboratory animals suffer significant stress, which may distort experimental results.

Where, then, does the truth lie?

How useful are such experiments in advancing human healthcare?

How much do animals suffer as a result?

And do students really need to dissect or experiment on animals?

Humane Research Australia CEO Helen Marston: “I cannot speak highly enough of this book and its importance to the research community. I believe it can certainly change the landscape of medical research in Australia.”

Watch Dr Knight's video about his book.


Humane Research Australia would like to thank everyone who was involved in organising this national event - and particularly Dr Andrew Knight for sharing his wisdom and his passion.

The costs and benefits of animal experiments is now available through our online shop.

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