Animal Experiments: debunking the myths

There’s no denying that animal experimentation is a controversial issue.

Proponents argue that it is necessary if we are to find cures for human ailments, and animal protectionists maintain that it is cruel and unnecessary – in fact, dangerously misleading!

Humane Research Australia is pleased to announce their broadcast of a six-part series about the use of animals in research, featuring Dr Andrew Knight, DipECAWBM (WSEL), PhD, MRCVS, FOCAE and based on his critically-acclaimed book The costs and benefits of animal experiments.

The six part series consists of:

Animal Experiments - a failing science

Efficacy -  accessing the utility of animal experiments

Statistics and Regulation

Non-animal Methods of Research - a more humane and scientifically valid option

Humane Education - caring, not killing

Working Together For Change

Australia uses around 6-7 million animals in research every year and is the fourth highest user – behind only China, Japan and the United States. Something needs to change!

This information, suitable for schools, community groups and anyone who has an interest in animals, provides a professional rationale against the use of animals in research and is recommended viewing for anyone interested in ending the use of animals in research.

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