Intl Primate Day – time to expose the truth about our cruel treatment of our closest relatives

1st September is International Primate Day - a day dedicated to preserving and protecting primates of all species.

Animal Defenders International (ADI) founded Primate Day in 2005 with a specific focus on putting an end to experimenting on monkeys for disease research.

Humane Research Australia is concerned rather than protecting these animals and affording them the rights they deserve, the Australian Government is funding researchers to use primates in highly invasive experiments.  

The Results of the 2016 NHMRC Grant Application Round were published on the NHMRC website late last year. Amongst the summary of results, two applications for Monash University and two for University of Melbourne were identified as potentially involving primates, receiving over $2.3 million between them. 

Helen Marston, Chief Executive Officer: "Aside from the clear ethical dilemma of using animals with high cognitive abilities and well-developed social structures as mere ‘tools for research’, the use of primates has been found to be poorly predictive of human outcomes."

"Despite our similarity, the small genetic variation between human and other primates accounts for very significant differences in the way diseases affect the different species. Our valuable resources (ie tax dollars) would therefore be better spent on the development of humane and scientifically-valid non-animal methods of research. This occurs in many other countries but sadly there is no commitment by the Australian government to provide incentives for our researchers to develop these emerging technologies."

Government funding of animal cruelty and exploitation is unnecessary and no longer has a place in a modern, enlightened society.

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