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Humane Research Australia warmly invites members of the public to join by way of membership thereby allowing us to have a larger voice when it comes to campaigning and calling for change.

Last financial year memberships and donations helped fund a number of successful campaigning efforts including:

  • Continuing to uncover what is happening in Australian laboratories and enabling us to use these in our case studies - in particular the mice used in smoking experiments at the University of Newcastle, and the use of baby marmosets in eye/hand coordination experiments at Monash University
  • Launching the I am Not a Lab Tool campaign
  • Growing the Humane Charities List (an initiative of HRA) to promote Australian charities that do not fund animal experimentation
  • Printing and distribution of leaflets to University students on campuses in Melbourne
  • Leaflet drops in cities around Australia
  • Attending or having a presence at high profile events and festivals to highlight the issue
  • Countering animal research charity fundraising days/weeks with social media

In the coming year, HRA hopes to accomplish more, including lobbying the Federal and State governments and funding agencies to redirect funding away from animal experiments and urging them to instead provide financial incentives to researchers to develop alternatives to animals.

In order to keep campaigning though HRA needs the support of the general public either by way of membership or donations.

To join at $30 per annum, or even by becoming a valued monthly donor, please visit Memberships and Donations  

Humane Research Australia is extremely grateful to all its supporters and donors. Without them the issue of animal experimentation would indeed remain largely unbeknown to the wider community.

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