Medical researchers concerned about budget cuts

Help direct funding AWAY from animal experiments

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research have recently initiated a campaign, "Discoveries Need Dollars: Protect Medical Research".


According to their website, "A cabinet leak has confirmed medical research funding cuts to be $400 million over three years." They are now urging researchers and patients to contact the politicians below to oppose the budget cuts.


Whilst Humane Research Australia is very much in support of medical research/progress, this is an opportunity to urge our government to fund only the most ethical and scientifically-valid research - that which does NOT waste precious resources on irrelevant and sometimes dangerously misleading animal data.


Visit to see what ludicrous experiments YOUR tax dollars have been funding! 


Today's researchers carry a huge responsibility. Terminally-ill patients are looking toward cures. They don't care whether a cancer drug works on a mouse, or any other disease can be cured in another species. These ongoing claims in the media only taunt them with false hope. These people need real cures based on good science.

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