Over 10,000 Australians seek a ban on the importation of primates for research

Humane Research Australia is pleased to have learned that our petition requesting an immediate ban on the importation of primates for research purposes has been presented to the House of Representatives. It was presented by the Member for Deakin, Mr M Symon MP on 23 November 2011 and has been referred to the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and the Minister for Trade.

You can read details of the presentation in the hansard at http://www.openaustralia.org/debates/?id=2011-11-23.166.1

Thank you so much to everyone who has collected signatures for this important issue, but please don't stop now! We will continue to present further petitions until the cruel trade has finally ended.

For more information about this campaign, please visit http://www.humaneresearch.org.au/campaigns/ban-primates

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