Opportunity to comment on the provision of greyhounds to medical research establishments in Victoria

The proposed Code of Practice for the Keeping of Racing Greyhounds (Vic) is now open for public comment from 14th June 2017 to 14th August 2017.

Page 44 and 45 of the draft code relate to: “Preparing a greyhound for retirement or rehoming” (6.3.12 ) and “Retirement and rehoming of greyhounds” (6.3.13)

There appears to be no reference to the provision of these animals to research establishments, yet we know that this does occur. 

Humane Research Australia has uncovered a string of cases in which 78 greyhounds, believed to be discarded by the racing industry, have been used in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia for dental, kidney and heart experiments. 

The experiments are cruel and abusive. They are even further unjustified when we consider the growing evidence that dogs, and other animals, are poorly representative of human biology and diseases. 

Examples of greyhound use in medical research in Victoria:

There are several reasons why this practice is so unethical: 

• Ex-racing greyhounds have already suffered the fear and distress of being used in the racing industry. Their use in research is the ultimate betrayal and one that cannot be condoned in a caring society. 

• The use of ex-racing dogs creates a dependence on an industry renowned for its mistreatment of animals and is therefore taking advantage of the human irresponsibility and cruelty rather than addressing the problem. 

• The primary justification for using ex-racing dogs in research is that they are already destined to die, so their use in cruel experiments will give their lives and deaths purpose. But these animals are sentient individuals and not mere tools for research. They already have their own intrinsic worth. 

• The major anatomical, genetic and metabolic differences between humans and dogs make them inappropriate models for the study of human disease and biology. 

How to comment:

A copy of the proposed Code and associated Regulatory Impact Statement may be viewed here: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/pets/dogs/greyhounds/code-of-practice

All submissions must be in writing and can be:

Submissions will only be accepted between 9am 14th June 2017 until 5pm 14th
August 2017. 

Your submission does not need to be long or detailed – just ask that the code strictly prohibits the provision of greyhounds to any medical research facility.

Thank you for your support.

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