Raise a glass to help end animal experiments

Through the generosity of Goodwill Wine, we are now making it easier than ever to help end animal experiments!


After losing his home in the Black Saturday fires, owner David Laity was so grateful for the kindness and assistance afforded to him that he chose to pass on the goodwill by assisting needy charities and created Goodwill Wine. He now donates 50% of his profit margin.


The wines selected for Humane Research Australia do not contain any animal products. Purchases are made directly from Goodwill Wine and not through our online shop.


Not only will the purchase of these wines mean a financial contribution to our important work, by giving a bottle as a gift you are also helping to raise awareness of this hidden industry.


So please raise a glass and help us bring an end to the unethical and dangerously misleading practice of animal experimentation.


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