Help us ensure the legislation to end cosmetics testing on animals is strengthened

YOUR support has helped get this far in ending cosmetics testing on animals in Australia. Now we need your help again.

The Australian Government is consulting on the Ministerial Rules for the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019, and this is our chance to secure the STRONGEST protection possible for animals.

Further details and a link to the consultation paper are available here.

We would be so grateful if you could make a submission and we have provided a form below which includes the key points. Individualised submissions are always given more consideration and so we do encourage you to do this, however if you are short on time, you can complete the form letter instead.

Individual submissions can be sent to or, you could simply make changes to the form below.

Time is short however, as submissions close on 17th May

EDIT: submissions have now closed.

Submission to NICNAS on Ministerial Rules

Use the text below or change to compose your own message.


I am grateful that the Industrial Chemicals Bill has now been enacted. The Ministerial Rules now have the potential to strengthen this legislation and I urge you to ensure it provides the most stringent measures to prevent cosmetics testing on animals.

Page 4 of your paper states:

“We are proposing that the General Rules restrict the use of new animal test data for these introductions where the chemical has multiple end uses, including in cosmetics, unless certain exceptions apply to maintain human health and environment protection.”

I strongly support this proposal that the restriction on animal test data be extended to chemicals which have multiple end uses (including cosmetics). However there should be no exceptions. Any chemical that might pose a risk to human health or the environment should simply not be used for cosmetic purposes.

Furthermore, animal data is recognised as not being sufficiently predictable of human reactions. Reliance on animal testing could therefore prove costly in terms of providing misleading data and subsequent risk to human safety.

Implementation of vigorous and meaningful rules are key to ensuring the new legislation can best serve its intended purpose - so Australia can then be seen as committed to ending cosmetics cruelty. I am therefore grateful for this opportunity to submit my views on this important issue.

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Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

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