Join our global action thanking researchers who have rejected the animal model.

At a time of a global health crisis such as we are facing today, there has never been a greater need for fast-moving and effective research. But it must be human-relevant. Less than 12% of drugs entering clinical trials result in an approved medicine, despite animal testing for safety and efficacy (1). This results in wasted lives, both human and animal, as well as squandered money, with the drug development process estimated to cost up to US $2.5 billion (2).

Fortunately, there are ethical and effective methods of research that do not require animals. These include but are not limited to: epidemiology studies, computer-based techniques, human cell and tissue cultures, tissue engineering and organ on a chip microfluidics.  This World Week for Animals in Laboratories, a global coalition of four anti-vivisection organisations representing their supporters in the  UK, U.S., Australia and New Zealand,  - Animal Justice Project, Humane Research Australia, In Defence of Animals and the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society - has united to thank researchers who are embracing modern methods to accelerate research COVID-19 without reliance on the outdated and unreliable animal model.  It is truly inspirational to follow their innovative research, from three-dimensional reconstructed human respiratory tissue models to biological sampling of infected patients, which provides real hope of combatting COVID-19 and better preparing to address future pandemics. 

There are no vaccines for any of the coronaviruses that have caused outbreaks in the past 20 years, in spite of extensive animal research. We don’t have time to waste searching for the ‘best’ animal model. We don’t need to find a treatment for mice, ferrets or baboons. It is time for human-relevant research.  (1) Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (2016) (2) Ahadian et al (2017)
Watch Doctor Andrew Knight, HRA adviser discuss the need for non-animal COVID-19 research here.

Scientists around the world are starting to recognise the enormous flaws with the animal model. Sign here to show your support for research institutions using non-animal based research methods, and to encourage scientists around the world to continue to investigate other areas where they might eliminate reliance on the animal model. Your pledge of support for humane research will be collated and sent to research institutions who have embraced non-animal methods.

Sign below to show your support for #United4AnimalsInLabs and to encourage scientists around the world to continue research that eliminates reliance on the animal model.


Please convey my appreciation to the researchers who are advancing COVID-19 research via non-animal research and offer my support for their continued efforts to challenge the animal model.

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