World Day for Lab Animals 2018

World Day For Laboratory Animals (also known as World Lab Animal Day) is observed each year on the 24th of April, and the surrounding week is known as "World Week for Animals In Laboratories (WWAIL)".

The Day was established in 1979 and has since been a catalyst for the antivivisection movement to raise awareness of the suffering of animals in laboratories and advocate for their replacement with advanced scientific non-animal techniques. 

Each year over 7 million animals suffer in Australian laboratories.

Will you do SOMETHING to help lab animals?

To commemorate the Day and the Week we are appealing to our supporters and friends to join us by both raising funds to help our important work, but also (and even more importantly) to help spread awareness of this hidden industry.

You can do this via our page on Everyday Hero, setting up your own fundraising page and then sharing it amongst your own friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email or any other means of social media.

Everyday Hero allows you to give your page a title and a $ target. You can upload photos and encourage friends, family and colleagues to support you.  We can also help promote the page for you on our HRA Facebook page.

There are endless ideas you could use, like doing a walk-a-thon, holding a pot-luck dinner, jumping out of an airplane (with a parachute attached of course!), or simply seek donations from your colleagues, all to bring attention to the use of animals in laboratories.

For a couple of ideas see our own personal pages! Helen is fundraising to bring awareness to the issue of the use of monkeys in experiments in Australia and Robyn is fundraising to bring awareness to the issue of the use of dogs in experiments. If you are unable to arrange for your own activity you could instead donate to and/or share one of our pages instead.

Humane Research Australia is the only organization of its kind in Australia exposing animal experimentation.  With our case studies (exposes) we uncover some of the dubious research being carried out. The industry is a well kept secret and we’d love your help in exposing it by raising awareness on this dedicated day and week.

In 1979, the National Anti-Vivisection Society of the UK (NAVS) established World Day for Laboratory Animals on April 24th – the birthday of Air Chief Marshal the Lord Dowding – a past president of the NAVS who used his voice in the House of Lords to speak many times and with great passion about the suffering of animals in laboratories. This international day of commemoration was listed and recognised at the United Nations, and is now marked annually, on every continent, by those campaigning against the use of animals in research and for replacement of animals with advanced, scientific techniques.”[1]


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